Loving God…Serving Others
People can recognize the way Christians love others. It's different from what is experienced in the world. As a church, we are continuously striving for relationships that build a strong community and help us grow in our love
for Jesus. Click on the links to discover our vision, what we believe, and who we are.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a dynamic church proclaiming the Word of God and making disciples of Jesus Christ by…
– Exalting God above all else
– Evangelizing our world for Jesus Christ
– Encouraging our fellow Christians
– Equipping Christians for ministry


Our Pastor

  Dr. Ed Eastman
  Position: Interim Pastor
  Email: dpletincks@hopespringhill.org



Rev. David Pletincks recently retired, and our church is moving through the transition of choosing a new pastor.  We are blessed to have Dr. Ed       Eastman to lead us during the interim.  He has a lot of experience in helping churches through this selection process, and his messages have been  powerful!


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